a visit with lurlene

The next 13 photographs are from a visit with lurlene gillespie a lady I've become friends with through photographing her from time to time over a 7 year period. these images are from my visit today. lurlene's place is always changing she's an artist with trash culture. she is currently undergoing radiation treatment for recurrent breast cancer, she's previously had a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy quite some years back but sadly the cancer has returned. she wears morphine patches to manage her pain but is unrelenting in her creativity and spends a lot of her disability pension on knick knacks from those discount shops. I am very fond of lurlene she's a gentle soul who's let me into her life and i'm very grateful for her trust.

bird bath

in the garden

anne at her window

lurlene in her garden


lurlene with a photograph of her granddaughter

stereo - left

lurlene with stuffed toys and a black doll

stereo - right

lurlene looking at her hand painted cherub with applied wiggle eyes


lurlene with david

yellow flamingo